Since the first camp, when my daughter was a rising 2nd grader, she has absolutely loved every camp: adventure, girls, tumble, and cheer. She always wants to go to Fitwize camps.

Caitlin K.

Love, love, love Fitwize summer camps. All the staff are super accommodating and helpful. One day I had to pick my daughter up a few hours early and they were able to rearrange the stunting hour so she could participate, which we were so greatly for. All the counselors are great with the kids and really meet them on their level to have a good time. Total interaction camp vs babysitting camp.

Kati M.

The Confident Girls camp was life changing for our daughter. She walked away a new bold girl after just one week. We wish she could do this year-round!

Susan W.

Both of my kids went through Fitwize and we loved everyone there and the summer camps. They focus on body and soul!

Mary H.

My daughter just started tumbling with Fitwize and is obsessed. The coaches are kind but tough, motivating but constructively critical...they know their stuff and it shows! We couldn't be happier to be part of the Fitwize family!

VB Bear

Great choice for after school program and tumbling.

Dana L.

This is my daughter's second school year in the Fitwize after school program. We love this place! We "tried out Fitwize" by attending a tumble class followed by a few of their summer camps. They were great experiences, so we signed up for the after school program. We're enrolled for most of the Fitwize summer camps this summer (2015) and already confirmed for the 2015/2016 school year in their after school program. The kids get homework time (homework actually gets completed and checked), they get 45 minutes of structured fitness time. The staff is well trained, professional, engaged, respectful and great with the kids. There is also very low staff turnover and they keep the facility clean! The owner is also very hands on and always quick to address any question or concern. It really is a safe, happy and healthy environment. I'm so glad we found them and couldn't be happier with our experience there.

Lisa G.

Fitwize is like a second home for my family.  The team genuinely cares about the well-being of my children, challenges them to learn, and I know they are in great hands when I drop them off.

Katy G.

The counselors and staff at Fitwize are caring and innovative. They go above and beyond to make each child comfortable, as well as engage them in activities all summer long.

Linda K.

My daughter usually goes to sleep away camp for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, due to COVID, that was not an option this year. As a child who is incredibly social and active, we were so pleased Fitwize offered a safe, active and engaging program to help us get through this challenging summer. The staff was fun, upbeat and always made my daughter feel energized to be there even when she was bummed she couldn't be at her usual camp. As a result of the summer camp tumbling programs, we've left her gymnastics team where she said she felt like she had no confidence, and now signed up for a cheerleading squad and tumbling classes (at Fitwize) because my daughter had so much fun and accomplished more in a summer of tumbling than in years of gymnastics.

Vanessa W.

My son loved the summer camp, and we loved the fun themes.

Claire Q.

Great summer camp with outstanding staff! We will be returning each summer!

Maria B.

My boys love Fitwize, they do so many interesting things and keep them active.

Rick B

Our kids have been going to Fitwize 4 Kids for over 5 years now. We have enjoyed kindergarten enrichment, after school care, tumbling classes, cheer team and summer camps. The entire staff does an amazing job with the kids. Great programs built into the curriculum focused on healthy eating, active lifestyle, homework assistance and giving back to the community. They are helping build the next generation the right way. Thanks Fitwize.

Danielle S

Both of my daughters have attended Fitwize over the past 3 years. The staff is amazing and the curriculum is exactly what I as a parent was looking for in an after school program. Healthy snacks, physical movement and homework time in the hours between school and parent pick up. Cannot say enough about the Fitwize program. Highly recommend!!!

Patricia F.

Fitwize, it's more than a (summer) camp, it's a blessing in the community.

Casey L.

I cannot explain how much I love this place. The coaches for tumbling are amazing and they will help you a lot and tell you things that will help you improve immediately! I can go on forever about how amazing this place is, but I will just say if you are contemplating taking classes at Fitwize, or putting your child in classes at Fitwize. I would 10/10 recommend. Best coaches I have ever had out of all the gyms I have been to to learn tumbling.

Julie K.

Love the coaches and staff at Fitwize. They are patient, give personal attention to the kids and make their classes a positive experience. Karen and her staff are committed to getting to know their community and what the needs are, then tailoring their classes to fit. The facility is always clean and we are always greeted with a smile and by name.

Sarah C.

Fitwize is amazing! Both of my sons took basic starter gym classes when they were very little with Fitwize. Later on, my daughter began tumbling classes and eventually moved on to competitive cheerleading with Fitwize.

Fitwize is by far the most non-pretentious, well managed and reasonable place in this area to send your child if. I recommend this company to anyone with a child whom has interest in recreational athletic classes, competitive cheer, or after school care!

L. C.

My daughter just started cheering with Fitwize and is obsessed. The coaches are kind but tough,  motivating but constructively critical...they know their stuff and it shows! We couldn't be happier to be part of the Fitwize family!

Rebecca H.

Coming from a former Oncology RN, this is so great [ASP INSPIRE Sept. Pediatric Cancer Awareness program]!!! Thank you for the level of effort you are putting into this. I’m so happy our daughter gets to participate. Our family really appreciates you being there while we work to support our family.

Nicole H.

Thank you to all the coaches for an awesome week of cheer and tumble!

Beverly M.

I did want to pass along a note to say what a great 3-weeks Amelia has had at Fitwize so far this summer.  Great exposure to a variety of activities (zip-lining is still the super-star event), and the crafts.

I really appreciate the coordination. You're always set for the parents' sign-in each morning, with a great group of counselors welcoming the parents and the kids. The paper reminders for the next-day's activities are great, supported by email reminders for really important highlights.

This is our first summer with Fitwize, and I was worried when I heard how many kids you can handle. Any fears have been allayed, and instead we look forward to each day's events.

Thank you, thank you!

Julie C.

Before too much time passes I wanted to send my sincerest thanks and praise for the girls and women who put their hearts into the girls camp this week. Genevieve LOVED her time there and got more comfortable every day - she's been poring over her crafts tonight and teaching us everything she learned, and we are so impressed by the lessons she's learning so young. You all did a fantastic job - she can't wait to come back.

Personal thanks to Hope, who comforted both of us after an uncomfortable drop-off Monday morning - she did exactly what a worried mom wants and I left feeling like everything would be fine.

Just can't say enough how grateful we are for the time and energy that obviously went into planning this week. Thank you, and cheers to a much deserved holiday weekend for all.

LuAnn C.

Karen Mitchell runs a remarkable fitness, social responsibility and healthy eating program for after school and Summer Camp at Fitwize. Our son, a Newton Lee Elementary student, has been here for two years and we couldn't be more pleased about his care.

Some of the counselors here are actual teachers at Loudoun County public schools. They focus on getting homework started in after care while feeding the children a healthy snack, usually fruit. They are dedicated, even attending 1 or 2 of our son's extracurricular baseball games. My son loves the fitness games they play so much, he wants to play them at home. The counselors are also teaching good sportsmanship.

Additionally, we are pleased with the commitment to those less fortunate. The children bring in snacks and pack backpacks for other schoolchildren in need.

They make fun field trips during Summer Camp with constant supervision by counselors. I'm not worried about the outside play area in back ( used frequently  for basketball courts) mentioned in an earlier post. The children are watched closely by adults who also play the games with them.

My husband and I highly recommend Fitwize4Kids.

Christine R.

This is our third year at Fitwize - I can't say enough great things about the after-school, tumbling/cheer and summer camp programs!  Our youngest began in the Kindergarten after-school enrichment program (so cute - those kids were like a little family!) and we haven't looked back.

I love that I know my kids are getting a good snack, their homework done AND have at least an hour of running around (whether it be organized activities like Zumba, group fitness, circuit training, or getting to jump rope, play wall ball or basketball) after a full day at school.  They make exercise fun for the kids, and they always leave with a smile on their faces!

Karen and her entire staff are fantastic - my kids really look up to all of them...and the teachers truly care about all of the children.

Two Major Improvements over the last year:
~They recently added on a great outdoor play area where the kids can go out to play basketball, etc and enjoy the nice weather.  The kids love it, it shakes the routine up a bit, and it gets them outside...all while being in a safe environment.  What's wrong with that??

~They DOUBLED the size of the gym by adding on a dedicated tumbling/cheer wing...which gives everyone more room to play, and gives the tumbling and cheer classes more space to work.  It's a huge air-conditioned space and the kids love it.

I highly recommend Fitwize - my kids love it!

Cheryl O.

We can't say enough great things about Fitwize4Kids and Karen Mitchell and her staff. My son was one of her very first after school program kids when she opened her doors in the Spring of 2011. My daughters were also two of her very first kids in the After-K enrichment program she runs for kindergartners in Loudoun County Ashburn-area elementary schools (where K is only half day).

Karen runs a tight ship. She and her staff do an excellent job of keeping the kids engaged and giving them constant encouragement to challenge themselves to try new things. Safety is their top priority so I have never worried about my children while they were attending any classes or ASP programs.

My son has also been enrolled as a fitness member there, which frankly is like the best personal training time you could ever buy for your child. My son got one-on-one attention from her certified staff and really enjoyed going and being "pushed" to work hard.

Both of my daughters have been involved with her tumbling program as well which is very professionally run by some top notch coaches. The classes are also limited to 8 students so I always feel that my daughters are getting quality education and supervision when they are in their classes. They have learned so much and come so far in this very positive environment.

Lastly, I personally attend the adult bootcamp fitness classes and LOVE it. The instructor Kris Bernstein is fantastic and even though I"m always sore after class he pushes us in a very positive way and I've grown stronger and done things I never thought I'd be able to do - like real pushups.

In addition to running a fantastic business that really filled a niche in Ashburn, Karen always makes it a priority to give back to the community. She teaches the children to give back as well and that is one of the reasons we have continued to send referrals Karen's way. We love being a part of the Fitwize family and couldn't imagine our children's lives without Karen and her crew in them. Thank you so much Fitwize4Kids Ashburn!

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