Circuit Training Exercises for Kids

Circuit Training Exercises for Kids

Feel and be the best you can be through circuit training exercises for kids. Being active is so important! Our physical fitness program is perfect for Kids and Teens who need encouragement to create exercise habits in their daily lives.

Participants learn how to build and tone muscles, increase lean body mass, and improve hand-eye coordination, balance, movement, cardiovascular-respiratory endurance, flexibility & agility. As a result of overall body conditioning and and increasing their physical fitness levels on a regular consistent basis, most of the kids and Teens in this program have attested to benefiting from any or all of the following:

  • An increase in personal self-esteem & confidence.
  • Ability to “Make the Team” & participate in peer group youth sports weight management.
  • Increased overall body-tone and feeling more comfortable in their appearance and clothes.
  • Increased concentration & energy levels in school.
  • Overcoming childhood obesity
  • Decrease in mood swings.
  • Drinking more water.
  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety levels associated with peer pressure, school, work & family living environments.
  • Develop better and more “restful” sleep patterns overtime.
  • Pay more attention to what they are eating and drinking and become more interested in learning about & improving these habits as well, if they haven’t begun doing so, already.


Circuit Training Exercises for Kids


There are a lot more benefits on circuit training exercises for kids just check out more proof here:

Circuit Training Exercises for Kids

If you want to get younger children physically active, take into account short attention spans by letting kids play games, compete against others or the clock, and keep score. Circuit training exercises for kids can include jump rope, hop scotch, throwing balls, jumping in the air, hula hoop, relay races, jumping jacks and dashes. Set up cones or other identifiable areas so children can move from station to station to see how much they’ve accomplished and how far they have to go. Tell the children prior to beginning the circuit what’s going to happen at each station and what it will take to complete the circuit. – See more at: livestrong

Author: Sam Ashe-Edmunds

Aug 17, 2013

How Important is Strength Training for Kids?

Should children and adolescents strength train? For years, many said “no”, believing that it could damage a child’s growth plates, thereby stunting their growth. The risks of injury seemed to outweigh any benefit that strength training could provide. But there is growing evidence that strength training is very beneficial for children and could be an important part of their exercise routine. See more at: sparkpeople

Author: Jen Mueller



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