Lean But Not Mean


It's the start of seventh grade, and Jonny knows it's going to be a year of epic problems. There's the gang: Steve the Peeve, Pete the Cheat, and Liz In Your Biz. These bullies live to torment Jonny. There's also Brenda, the new girl who lives near Jonny. If the gang sees the both of them together, they'd think of a herd of buffalo. But Brenda has information that Jonny needs!

When a fitness program visits Jonny's school, he realizes it's up to him to change his life for the better. Despite a majorly embarrassing video uploaded to Facebook, Jonny perseveres with his plan. He hopes to make new friends, lose weight, try out for the basketball team, and earn himself a great dog, if he can convince his parents. But first, he needs to outsmart the bullies.

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