Weight Management

At Fitwize4kids we know that childhood obesity rates are increasing at an alarming rate and physical fitness classes are decreasing in schools. Many concerned parents are turning to Fitwize 4 Kids for help for their kids and teens.

These days it’s probably more common to find a remote control keyboard or video game controller in the hands of a child at play than a ball, glove or bike. Physical activity is so important during the formative years of a Childs life, it’s crucial to ensure that they’re getting the exercise their bodies need.

An important way to help your child with weight loss, maintaining a normal weight and develop healthy habits is to encourage him to participate in regular physical activity. One of the most important aspects that one needs to know is that kids and teens are sensitive and they need to be taken care of. An adult will be able to cope with the pressures of a fitness center, but the same cannot be said about children.

Concepts of kid’s health awareness is not enough, especially in this day and age where we see young kids becoming victims of obesity a lot more than any other time. This is where Fitwize 4 Kids shows its strength by reinforcing a better outlook on children, starting with their health, building strong bodies, boosting self confidence and self respect.

Fitwize 4 Kids fitness training, team sports and nutrition education work hand in hand with our healthy weight control program, which focuses on the achievements of realistic short-term goals for sustained weight management.

A personal trainer may not be the solution for every child, but for some kids a personal trainer can be a great way to learn healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime. It’s also a great way for an overweight child to get some immediate results and reinforce the benefits of fitness. Having a personal trainer can be another way to provide direction, structure, and strategies that help create a habit of healthy living that can have a tremendous impact in a child’s life.

Parents you can help your kids excel with personal training. Helping manage their physical appearance and self esteem pays in all aspects of their lives. A good trainer can help find activities he or she can enjoy while teaching proper ways to exercise for their age and goals.

Health Facts

  • 15% of Americas youth is overweight.
  • Obesity and super-obesity are up 36% and 98%, respectively, in the past 20 years.
  • The average child gets less than 15 minutes of vigorous activity a day.
  • 25% of U.S. children spend 4 or more hours per week watching TV.
  • Poor diet and physical inactivity can lead to children developing adult diseases.
  • 90% percent of parents think their children are fit, when only one out of three is.
  • 35% of parents rated their children’s school programs for teaching good patterns of eating and physical activity to prevent obesity as “poor,” “non-existent,” or “don’t know.”

Weight Loss Tip

Children require different weight-loss programs than adults do because children have different needs. A child’s weight-reduction program must ensure enough nutrients for growth and development, programs for children should focus on long-term efforts to control weight gain rather than attempts to lose weight quickly. Often children may need only to hold weight constant while they grow in height. Adult diets can be dangerous for children; even among older children dieting by adult standards may be inappropriate.

** check with your local participating Fitwize 4 Kids to see what programs are being offered in your area.

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