At Fitwize 4 kids we believe that dance no matter what kind it’s always good for physical activity and overall health. Dancing is not only fun and a great way to socialize, mix, and make friends, but it’s also a good way to stay physically fit. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, especially when your child can dance their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Diversified types of dance makes it the most fun and keep their hearts pumping with Zumba, Hip hop & Reggae.


Zumba® is an aerobic exercise routine inspired by Latin dance. It combines Latin and international music in dance routines featuring aerobic and fitness interval that tones and sculpts the entire body to create a one of a kind workout. Because Zumba is so much fun, you don’t even realize you are working out. It provides a workout for the entire body. Even those who are just learning the steps find it addicting and soon seeing great results with how they feel and look.

Hip Hop & Reggae

Non stop fun jamming to the latest beats learning the latest moves while sweating and having a good time. Hip hop dance is most popular with the kids. Our classes are fun and energetic helping kids get and stay in shape improving their physical fitness, building self esteem and providing a venue for making new friends.Kids are encouraged to bring their own dance moves and ideas so we could work on them as a group.


Ballet is a very unique style of dance that teaches one much more than how to dance. It is a wonderful way for kids to improve flexibility, gain strength and learn to stand and walk properly with grace and poise.

It is great for the academically challenged, because it teaches kids how to concentrate by remembering routines and sequencing steps.

It benefits hyperactive kids as they are taught to channel their energy in a more positive way into doing something they will be proud of.

It a real boost to their confidence when they see how hard they have worked and the friends they have made. At Fitwize 4 Kids we recognize these are all positive attributes to your growing child that they will carry on throughout their adult life.

** check with your local participating Fitwize 4 Kids to see what programs are being offered in your area.

Healthy Bodies

Strong Minds

Build Character