Summer Camp

Making plans for your child’s summer? Thinking about those long, hot days when school is out? Wondering how to avoid boredom and keep your child active, motivated, and happy? Looking for a unique summer program?

Look no further than our Fitwize 4 Kids summer day camps for kids! Fitwize 4 Kids Camps is an awesome summer camp for kids! Treat your kids ages 5 thru 13 to a unique experience this summer. Fitwize 4 Kids will be offering summer camps that are adventurous and fun, providing many challenging activities designed to promote self confidence and build trust. Camps will include exposure to a wide variety of fun sports, fitness training, healthy eating, nutrition programs, exciting educational field trips and much more!

Fitwize 4 Kids has offered quality programming facilitated by committed staff that teach, inspire, entertain, and create lifelong memories and friendships within a flexible program designed to meet each individual families needs.

Leadership in Training Program.

Fitwize 4 Kids offers a Leadership in Training Program to children age 14 who have previously been Fitwize4 kids Summer campers. This program has 3 focal points:

  1. leadership training
  2. working hands on assisting with a camper group
  3. Also the opportunity to play.

This program is specifically designed to provide an enriching leadership opportunity while balancing good old camp fun with a chance to demonstrate responsibility. These campers complete the program feeling prepared to be hired as Assistant Coaches the following summer.

Sports Camps

  • Build total body muscle endurance.
  • Improve body awareness and develop eye hand coordination.
  • Provide a fun safe atmosphere for children to exercise.
  • Improving overall strength, balance, stability, cardiovascular endurance using innovative equipment.
  • Complete exciting drills, exercises, stretches, and games.
  • Constantly developing children to advance their personal fitness level.
  • Build confidence and self esteem.
  • Learn from experienced trainers. Make new friends just like you!

Holiday and Spring Breaks

Whenever school is not in session, Fitwize 4 Kids offers child care that is engaging fitness concepts and educational. Join us for spring break and get a sneak peek into summer. Our weeklong program provides a sample of the fun-filled summer sessions.

Check Your Local Fitwize 4 kids for schedule and hours.

** check with your local participating Fitwize 4 Kids to see what programs are being offered in your area.

Healthy Bodies

Strong Minds

Build Character