Parent Center

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Fitwize4Kids….or should we say, welcome to our Family! We aim to bring together communities of health conscious families who care about taking a proactive approach towards the fitness level of their kids. In order for you to better understand who we are, and what we aim to do, let’s start from the very beginning…

As the creator of Fitwize 4 Kids, like you, I am a parent who is anxious to inspire children to feel confident about whom they uniquely are. I am constantly bombarded by new studies of our growing health epidemic. The best solution to build a better future is to educate our kids on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I developed Fitwize 4 Kids as a first step to instruct our kids on proper diet and exercise, to motivate them to seek self-empowerment, and to inspire them to feel confident about whom they uniquely are.

Fitwize 4 Kids was developed on the premise that our kids need to feel EMPOWERED. They need to feel in control of their world by challenging the few things they have control over: their mind, body and spirit.

We PLEDGE to EMPOWER your kids to grow into the strong, healthy, and confident individuals both you and Fitwize envision them to become. Congratulations on taking the first step to providing your kids with a better future. Welcome to our Family!

Fitwize Formula for a Healthy Family.
Follow these 5 simple tips to get your family’s eating and exercise habits on track!

1. Be a Role Model:
Pay attention to your nutrition and fitness habits. What can you do to role model more positive eating and exercise habits?

2. Focus on Healthy Eating at Home:
As parents- you are primarily responsible for the foods that are available at home. Having healthy food items easily available while limiting the amount of treats, chips, soda and other WHOA foods will promote healthier food choices.

3. Make Eating TOGETHER a Priority:
Regular family meal times present an opportunity for children to relax and open up about what is going on in their lives. Most importantly, children enjoy eating with their family and are more likely to eat healthier.

4. Give your Child the Power of CHOICE:
Your role as a parent is to present food in a positive and supportive way while giving your child the responsibility to decide how much and what to eat. DO set limits on meal and snack times and maintain a standard for table manners. Trust that your children are capable of regulating their food intake.

5. Ready, Set…GOAL:
By setting goals that are attainable you and your family can work together to improve nutrition and physical activity habits. It’s important to remember that it probably took your family years to develop unhealthy habits, so set small goals that are realistic. Remember, developing healthy habits takes time- it’s a LIFESTYLE change.

Reward Yourselves: Acknowledge your hard work by rewarding yourself and your family. Rewards should be desirable, given in a timely manner and contingent upon meeting your goal.