Alexandra (9 year old birthday party)

I must say I love Fitwize for their programs aimed at helping children understand more about nutrition. I think this program is great. My daughter,

is 10 years old. Before Fitwize, Joey did very little exercise. she just was not motivated. She would come home from school eat dinner, play with her sister, and watch T.V.

I decided one day to tell Alexandra about Fitwize. She was against going; she said no,no,no. I told her to give it a chance, if you don’t like it, then I will never ask you again. Alexandra agreed and was not happy about it at all. When we first walked into Fitwize, Alexandra’s eyes grew with excitement. When it was time to go Alexandra did not want to leave. She asked right then and there “please let me join” and of course I had no objections.

In the first week, I have noticed a change in Alexandra. She’s more energetic. She’s happier, more than happily willing to help around the house and her homework is done. Alexandra wants to be at Fitwize every day. The first thing she was happy about accomplishing was sit ups before Fitwize, Alexandra could hardly do 10 at once. After a week she does 25 with no problem, and when she comes home to show her DAD. We are so proud of Alexandra and we thank Fitwize for giving Alexandra back her spunk.


A Happy Fitwize Parent

Excited Parent and Joey (10 year old birthday party)

The kids were really well organized, and you did a very good job of keeping them busy and entertained. I was especially appreciative when we had them to ourselves after you left and realized how difficult they were to keep focused and under control! The few parents who stayed were also impressed with how well you ran the party. My husband heard one of the kids say it was the best party ever! I am aware it was a big group and some of the kids were pretty demanding. The fact that it all ran so smoothly is a credit to you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone! I know five kids who want to join your gym including my son Joey after this party.

Happy Mom

I would like to tell you something about my daughter, Brittany. She been going to Fitwize 4 Kids since the day it opened and from then on that’s all she wants to do. She gets up in the morning and the first she says is “I want to go to the gym”. She looks great and has lost 6 pounds already. She is eating healthy; fruits and vegetables. I can’t say enough about the gym. Everyone there is great. Jeff and his wife are definitely doing a great job. Opening the Fitwize 4 Kids was a great idea! Also the staff is wonderful, especially Ashley. Thanks to all of you, my daughter has a positive attitude. I would definitely recommend you to a friend. The theme you guys came up with for my son was awesome…along with all the props that were used to make it extremely fun. I think you did a wonderful job for Jacks birthday party; the children were kept entertained for the full duration of the party, and I’m sure they all slept well that night!