How Much is Your Child’s Health Worth To You?


It’s all about your kids LIFESTYLE.

Teaching children about how to lead a healthy lifestyle today will produce healthy, productive adults. The results of Fitwize 4 Kids reach far beyond the physical benefits. Besides improved endurance and flexibility, increased muscle tone and weight loss, parents have noted that their children display increased self-esteem and confidence, better eating habits, and even better grades in school!

Why should my kid be concerned with strength training?

Strength training for kids offers many of the same benefits that it does for adults. We also know that lifestyle habits are almost entirely determined by caregivers in the first decade and a half of life. All of the research shows it to be safe and effective. Furthermore, it is endorsed and supported by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Some of the areas that your kids may see improvements:

• Increased muscle strength & endurance.

• Increased bone density.

• Decreased risk from sports and activity related injuries.

• Improved sports performance.

• Boosts metabolism.

• Decreased body fat composition.

• Improved self-esteem.

Is strength training safe for kids?

YES! Strength training is different than weight lifting, bodybuilding or powerlifting. We promote lighter weight with more repetitions, aiming for about 10 – 20 reps in a minute. All of the movements are multi-joint, closed kinetic chain movements where the moving limb is held in a fixed position ensuring proper form and safety. We always have one of our certified youth fitness coaches close at hand to encourage the kids and make sure proper technique is used at all times. We suggest two to three sessions a week, on non-consecutive days. Those off-days would be a perfect time to take a group exercise class.

Can you tell me about the nutrition program?

Our approach to teaching nutrition is simple and fun; using hands-on, creative ways to stress the importance of eating healthy. Research confirms that children need an integrated approach to healthy weight management that includes both physical activity and nutrition education. Fitwize 4 Kids goes above and beyond our competition by having a nutrition program that is designed and implemented by registered dietitians and highly qualified nutritionist.

Our nutrition program includes classes for children and parents, which are taught by registered dietitians. Families will learn about basic nutrition concepts and how to employ positive eating habits through hands-on activities that include cooking and food demonstrations.

Do you provide assistance to children with special needs?

Our program is all inclusive suitable for all children including those with special needs. Our goal with all special needs is to determine the physical, adaptive, and cognitive abilities of each child. From there, suitable exercises, fitness activities, and strategies for teaching can be implemented. We are more than a kid’s gym. You will find that FW4Ks is a great compliment to any activity your child may already be enrolled in.

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