Fun Exercises For Toddlers


Fun Exercises For Toddlers

Believe it or not creating fun exercises for toddlers in their first years are vital for how they will function throughout the remainder of their life. The quality of a child’s early experiences plays a significant role in their development of their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills.

If you have a 2 to 3 year old who likes to engage in active play more than likely they will stay active and be physically fit in the future. Balancing, walking, and playing are the foundations for your child’s strength and balance.

Here are just 8 ways to keep your toddler active with some fitness fun:

1) Hop like a bunny around the house and listen to songs Like “What did the fox say?” or just take their little hands and balance them on beam like a cat.
2) Sit facing each other while their holding hands, (rock him/her back and forth) and sing a song like “Mary had a little lamb“.
3) Stand your toddler up and have them bend into a squat, touch the ground as they rise reaching for the sky.
4) Flap your arms up and down like a bird and watch them flap their arms to active songs like “Gangnam style”.
5) Parents bend at the knee and have your toddler push and pull your arm for 10 reps
6) Sit on the ground and let your child step over your legs repeatedly for balance and coordination.
7) Play freeze dance to build patience and balance.
8) Last but not least always listen to music and just move!

There is no end to what you come up with in keeping your child active. Keep in mind there has to be constant encouragement for your child to stay active. Dance, play, and incorporate active toys, such as things like balls and rings. Keep practicing with your toddler and you will see great improvement in their motor skills.

By Alex Duran
Author of “Lean But Not Mean
CEO of Fitwize 4 Kids

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