Nations First Kids Fitness Center


Nations First Kids Fitness Center

Empowering Kids to learn about fitness, nutrition & living a healthy lifestyle…

Fitwize 4 Kids, Inc., the nation’s leading innovator in children’s fitness and nutrition education is proud to announce the arrival of a Fitwize 4 Kids “Lifestyle Fitness Centers”

Fitwize 4 Kids Lifestyle Centers provide a fun filled environment, where kids ages 5 to 15 learn about fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Everything is planned with kids in mind – from the lively decor and energetic music, to fitness equipment specifically designed for the physiology of children’s growing bodies.

The open program allows for kids to be conveniently dropped off and to join the supervised, 45-minute, full-body, circuit- style workouts. Additionally, membership includes a world-class nutrition curriculum, a motivation and rewards system, Kid’s Night Out events, field trips, summer camps, birthday parties, school assemblies and other fun activities for kids and their families. Fitwize 4 Kids was created to help address the rising epidemic of childhood obesity, inactivity and the increasing need for youth sports strength training by providing an educational environment where kids can learn life-long habits.




Our approach to teaching nutrition is simple and fun; using hands-on, creative ways to stress the importance of eating healthy. Research confirms that children need an integrated approach to healthy weight management that includes both physical activity and nutrition education. Fitwize 4 Kids goes above and beyond our competition by having a nutrition program that is designed and implemented by registered dietitians and highly qualified nutritionist.

Our nutrition program includes classes for children and parents, which are taught by registered dietitians. Families will learn about basic nutrition concepts and how to employ positive eating habits through hands-on activities that include cooking and food demonstrations.

We are more than a kid’s gym. We provide children with the opportunity to develop life-long nutrition and fitness habits with a hands-on an educational approach. You will find that FW4Ks is a great complement to any activity your child may already be enrolled in.

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