Tumbling Classes


Winter Tumble Class Session Registration Opens Nov. 8
Winter Schedule | November 29-March 4
No Classes December 20-31 or February 21
Make-up week March 7-11

We offer 12 weeks of tumbling classes this winter (Mondays are 11 weeks)



Class Registration: Enrollment will be processed via our online database and registration is now open. If this is your first time using our online database, please refer to our step-by-step instructions.

Fitwize offers year-round tumbling classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Class placement is determined by skill level, not age. If you are new to our gym, please be sure to schedule an evaluation so we can ensure your child is placed in the appropriate class.


Fitwize Mini Gym

Fitwize 4 Kids is excited to expand upon our Tumble Classes to include ages 6 months-4 year olds and we will offer a wide variety of services ranging from Parent/Child classes to Preschool Gymnastics. For more information and registration for this program, check out our Mini Gym webpage.

Pre-K Tumbling

We incorporate gross and fine motor skills, movement and balance, and small and large muscle groups to develop flexibility, strength and coordination. Potty-trained preschoolers ages 3-5 will enjoy obstacle courses, games and tumbling rotation stations.

Intro to Tumbling
We will focus on tumbling basics: handstands, cartwheels, forward & backward rolls, body positions, flexibility & strength, and will learn drills, terminology & proper stretching technique.

Tumble Basics (Tumble 1)
We will perfect skills learned in the intro class. Athletes will learn a proper hollow body position, learn to punch off the floor with their toes and locked ankles, with a strong focus on round-offs. While perfecting round-offs & handstand pops, athletes begin drills for back handsprings and round-off back handsprings.

Back Handspring
Athletes must have a strong round-off and basic skills, such as handstands, cartwheels & handstand pops. We will focus on back handsprings; including standing, running & series with emphasizes on good technique & confidence in skills.

Handsprings & Connections (Tumble 2)
Must have tested out of Back Handspring class or have required skills: solid standing back handspring & round-off back handspring on rod floor. We will focus on drills for round-off multiple back handsprings, standing series tumbling & back handspring rebound technique. Coach recommendation required.

Series Back Handsprings & Tucks (Tumble 2.5)
This is for the athlete who has mastered their standing back handspring & their running round-off back handspring. Athletes will be working on mastering their multiples, series tumbling & round-off back handspring back tuck. Coach recommendation required.

Standing & Running Tucks (Tumble 3)
Athletes must test out of Series Back Handsprings & Tucks or have the required skills. Skills are: a mastered round-off back handspring back tuck with no spot & working on progression corner tumbling & series standing tumbling. This is an advanced class for experienced tumblers. Coach recommendation required.

Layouts & Specialty Skills (Tumble 4)
This elite class is for athletes who mastered Standing & Running Tucks and is for the very experienced tumbler. Coach recommendation required.

Elite Tumbling (Tumble 5)
Elite class is for athletes who have mastered advanced tumbling skills, including full-twisting layout, front bounding & whip connections. Focus is on advanced series bounding, twisting/step-out connections, front twisting, standing fulls, double fulls & specialty skills. Coach recommendation required.

Pro Tumbling (Tumble 6; currently not being offered)
Class is designed for the top level of cheer tumbling.  Athletes will focus on extremely advanced skills & combinations.  Whip full, double full & standing full are the minimum required skills to enroll in this class.  Class will focus on standing handsprings to fulls & whip full/doubles, jumps to standing fulls, kick full/doubles, front and backwards advanced series bounding and specialty skills. Coach recommendation required.

Cheer High (offered in the summer only)
High School athletes are invited to join us this summer in our Cheer High session. This class is for current and rising High School Cheerleaders looking to advance their skills. Class will focus on tumbling, jumps, motions and conditioning.

High School Boot Camp (offered in the summer only)
High school athletes are invited to join us this summer for our High School Boot Camp. This class is for current and rising High School Cheerleaders preparing for their upcoming try-outs. Focus is on tumbling, jumps and conditioning, and a mock try-out will be performed on the last day of camp.

Cheer Core (currently not being offered)
For athletes who want to improve stamina and strength. Class will consist of conditioning drills to improve endurance during tumbling passes and/or cheer team practices. Coaches will use various drills, jump exercises and other exercises to help athletes improve in these areas. Athletes will also work on general flexibility throughout this class.

Private Lessons
Fitwize offers tumblers the opportunity to work with our instructors on a private basis. To review our instructors’ schedules and to reserve a time, click here to book your appointment.

All tumbling athletes must have an up-to-date paid annual fee prior to tumbling in a class and/or a private lesson in our gym. When you register for a class, your fee will be added to your cart, however, as a private lesson student, you will need to pay for the fee separately. To sign up for your annual fee, click here.

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