Tumbling Instructors


Jason started training as a gymnast at the age of 5. He actively competed in the region 7 men’s gymnastics circuit for 10 years.  After a brief hiatus from tumbling, he began competing in All-Star Cheerleading at the age of 16 with Cheer Madness.  He has competed every season since with various programs including Cheer Dynasty, Fusion All-Stars in WVA and Camp Woodward PA’s teams.  After spending time at NOVA, he transferred to Penn State to study Kinesiology. Since returning, Jason focuses on coaching tumbling, spending time training under gymnastics, cheer and power tumbling coaches from around the world each year at Woodward.


Camron has 14 years of tumbling experience, with 13 years competing in all-star cheerleading. He competed at the Cheerleading Worlds consecutively for 8 years. Camron has experience teaching tumbling skills for 5 years, and stunting for 4 years.

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