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Fitwize 4 Kids is excited to announce the new Mini Gym! We will offer a wide variety of services for children 6 months-4 years old ranging from Parent/Child classes to Preschool Gymnastics. Through our reputable curriculum, your child will have fun and learn by developing their fine and gross motor skills, gaining cognitive and sensory skills, and so much more!

Classes are designed to be a family affair and kept small with low student-to-teacher ratios for more of a personable experience. Lesson plans are changed every week for challenging fun. We encourage individual successes without a competitive environment. Fitwize upholds a safe, yet fun, and engaging environment for your child, and we encourage a device-free zone during our classes. We offer a free trial class to see if Fitwize Mini Gym is the perfect fit for your child!


6 Months – 36 Months              CLASSES: 45 minutes

Our parent/child classes give you the chance to get onto the floor and actively take part in your child’s growth and development. Music and movement exploration are a major part of the curriculum. Your child will be developing sensory skills along with small motor development that are age appropriate. The primary focus is fun parent/child bonding where quality time for both is key, making it a special time for the family. Not only will your child be gaining social skills, but you will also get the chance to form new bonds with other parents!

6-14 months
Music, movement, and sensory focused

10-18 months
Body awareness and development of basic gross motor skills

18- 36 months
Physical, cognitive, and social skill based


(3-4 Years Old)              CLASSES: 45 minutes

3 Years Old
This class is designed to be an outlet for your energetic 3-year-old. We’ll keep a low ratio to allow for close guidance while also encouraging independence through different stations and small circuits that will help further develop their fine and gross motor skills.

4 Years Old
This class is designed to develop gymnastics, hand-eye coordination, ball-handling skills, movement to music and overall fitness utilizing small motor equipment where students learn and have FUN. Children will learn by achieving skills, which foster self-esteem. Having healthy learning attitudes is key during their formative preschool years.

You’re about to start a journey with your child that will bring you together to celebrate fitness and gymnastics. The sport of gymnastics is the basis of all other sports and will later help them in their athletic endeavors. Our goal is to provide you with an avenue that you can use to become closer to your child by having QUALITY time. This class can give you 45-minutes of structured time to spend just with your special little one. Our philosophy is to teach gymnastics, keep your child safe, have fun, and raise their self-esteem.

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* Special introductory rate of $99 a month for one class per week, plus annual membership fee. We offer a 10% discount for siblings and a multi-class 30% off second class discount. Introductory offer is good through February 28, 2022.

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