Mini Gym


Special Introductory Rate of $99/month* 

Fitwize 4 Kids is excited to expand upon our Tumble Classes to include ages 6 months-4 years old. At Fitwize Mini Gym, your child’s health and development are at the heart of what we do.

Our philosophy is to teach fundamental physical skills to children, while stimulating their little minds to crave more learning and movement. We believe in a success-oriented program that achieves perpetual motion and shouts FUN. Here at Fitwize 4 Kids, you will start to see your child flourish through our three core values!

  • HEALTHY BODIES – increasing body and spatial awareness, strength development, learning flexibility and balance, establishing an athletic foundation
  • STRONG MINDS – enriching self-confidence, stimulating brain activity, gaining cognitive and sensory skills, developing fine and gross motor skills, increasing coordination
  • BUILD CHARACTER – improving social skills and social awareness, encouraging healthy habits at a young age, learning self-control and discipline, gaining courage

Instilling exercise at an early age leads to positive life-long benefits. This is where Fitwize excels, as we bring all of the ingredients together to incorporate gross and fine motor skills, movement and balance, and small and large muscle groups, in our gymnastic-focused classes. Children will enjoy obstacle courses, games and tumbling rotation stations and will develop flexibility, strength and coordination.

Check out our classes, register today, and start tumbling with Fitwize! Follow our new Mini Gym Instagram @fitwizeminigym to learn more!

* Special introductory rate of $99 a month for one class per week, plus annual membership fee. We offer a 10% discount for siblings and a multi-class 30% off second class discount. Introductory offer is good through February 28, 2022.

Healthy Bodies

Strong Minds

Build Character