Fitness & Nutrition

Fitwize is an innovator in children’s fitness, where fun, activity and new friends are a natural part of staying fit, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to educate children and their parents in the area of fitness, nutri­tion and general health. We are all about changing lifestyles and improving the quality of life for kids and their families.

We are proud to offer our Fitness and Nutrition Seminars to our After School families.

Our program is designed to keep kids active, to build strong muscles and to have them make better decisions about the foods they put into their bodies. Results include increased self-esteem, improved academic performance, stronger athletic performance, psychological stability and overall health stabilization, to name a few. Your enrollment in the Fitwize 4 Kids After School program is your first step to living a long healthy life.


CDC studies demonstrate how participating in regular physical activity provides several health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved strength and endurance, which helps to build and maintain healthy
    bones and muscles
  • Prevention of weight gain and obesity, and improved weight loss paired with
    good nutrition
  • Reduced risk of developing obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart disease,
    high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and colon cancer
  • Increased self-esteem and reduced feelings of anxiety and depression
  • May positively impact educational performance with grades and standardized
    test scores, cognitive skills, concentration and focus in the classroom, academic
    behaviors and academic achievement

Healthy Bodies

Strong Minds

Build Character