CPR/First Aid, Babysitting Certification

Standard First Aid, Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED Blended Learning (e-learning Course with Separate Skill check)

Fitwize and Emergency Training Resources offers CPR/First Aid blended learning classes, and the skills classes will be held once a month.

Participants will learn how to administer CPR and First Aid, as well as how to handle emergency situations. Class will cover basic precautions on preventing disease transmission, caring for injuries, helping someone to breath, providing chest compressions in cardiac emergencies, caring for life-threatening bleeding and shock.

Certification will be valid for two years in our two-part blended learning course. Part 1 provides content online. This narrated online portion is media-rich, with animations, video clips and photographs. It is available anytime and can be completed in one or more sessions. Upon completion of this 2.5-hour cognitive portion online, participants complete part 2 of the course. This is the in-person session portion to complete the required skills (1 hour) with an instructor to receive an official certification card. Skill sessions are held monthly at Fitwize 4 Kids.

In order to comply with the CDC guidelines and ensure safety of all participants, the skills practice will run with the following protocols:

  • Skills sessions will run 1:00-2:00 p.m.
  • Arriving participants must enter with face masks and report directly to the open gym to the right. Students will choose a mannequin on the floor, and all mannequins will be spaced out.
  • Each person has his/her own set of equipment and one-time use supplies.


Upcoming Dates (all held 1-2pm at Fitwize) Include:

December 11
January 29
February 26
March 26
April 23
May 21
June 25
July 23
August 20
September 24
October 22
November 19
December 10


To register, please contact Dr. Larry Newell at Larry.newell1@gmail.com / www.ETRsafety.com.

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