About Us

Fitwize 4 Kids in Ashburn opened in February 2011. Our innovative concept has grown over the last several years and our facility has expanded to accommodate the growing needs of our community. We offer an After School ProgramSummer Camps, year-round Tumbling Classes, Nutrition SeminarsScout Programs and More!

AND, we are excited to unveil our Fitwize Mini Gym and Fitwize Confident Girls programs, both to open in the fall of 2021.

Fitwize 4 Kids is dedicated to empowering today’s youth by providing a fun-filled, energetic and lively environment where children between the ages of 5 and 18 learn the life-long benefits of fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

We provide a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere so children reach far beyond the physical benefits. Besides improved endurance and flexibility, increased muscle tone and weight management, parents have noted that their children display increased self-esteem and confidence, better eating habits and even better grades in school.

Our programs are specifically designed to work with each child on an individual basis within a group setting. Our goal is to make each child feel comfortable, important and proud of their accomplishments in our gym. As Fitwize 4 Kids helps to lead the fight against childhood inactivity and obesity, our environment is one of full encouragement on any skill level, whether learning basic fitness skills or more advanced.

We hope you visit Fitwize 4 Kids’ to see what all our parents have already discovered about our classes and programs!

Healthy Bodies

Strong Minds

Build Character