Fitwize 4 Kids is proud to let America know this is a veteran owned business.

Fitwize 4 Kids is proud to let America know this is a veteran owned business.

Gatorade and GSSI continue to search for and study new and innovative ways to help athletes improve performance by facilitating proper hydration and nutrition.

The Let’s Move! campaign, started by First Lady Michelle Obama, has an ambitious national goal of solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation so that children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight.

The principal Toys for Tots activity which takes place each year is the collection and distribution of toys in the communities in which a Marine Corps Reserve Unit is located.

How many times have you heard that regular physical activity does a body (and mind) good? Well it’s true! And a great way to jump start a healthy lifestyle is to take part in the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) program.

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is an advisory committee of volunteer citizens who advise the President through the Secretary of Health and Human Services about physical activity, fitness, and sports in America.

As America’s Authority on Fitness, ACE protects all segments of society against ineffective fitness products, programs and trends through its ongoing public education, outreach and research.

Clif Kid snacks give kids in motion a choice of snacks with the nutrition and energy they need and a taste they really like. Our goal was to energize them with an appropriate balance of sugar and other nutrients as a way of encouraging them to lead active lives.

Good nutrition takes time and planning. Clinically proven Juice Plus+® helps you bridge the gap between the 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the nutrition you actually get with your busy schedule.

Power Systems is a leading supplier of fitness and sports performance training equipment. We offer a large selection of innovative products, first-class training solutions, and superior customer service.

SPARQ provides everything from drills and training programs to interviews and articles, emphasizing every aspect of athleticism so you can improve every aspect of your performance.

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